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FA Flex Membership Bundles

Our FAFlex bundles are designed to offer hands-on, in-depth, flexible courses with LIVE labs. 

FA Flex Membership
Bundle Options

The FA Flex Duo: Intermediate & Advanced Membership includes the following:

  • Expertly Curated and Crafted Curriculum

  • Personal Finance Course

    • Includes hands-on learning with the Budget Game​

    • Real-life investing experience with the Stock Game

  • Writing with a Purpose Course

    • Grammar, Words, Essays, and more!

    • Guided Teacher Support

  • LIVE Lab classes

  • Access to Virtual College and Career Counselor

  • FACommunity Member Access

    • Unlimited use of Study Hall​

    • 2 Flexible Tutoring Sessions

    • LIVE Social Events and Clubs

$24.99 a month per student


$216.00 a year per student

Coming January 2024

  • Additional intermediate & advanced courses 

    • English Literature​

    • Science

    • Social Studies

    • Maths

  • FAFlex Duo: Novice and Beginner 

    • Writing with a Purpose​

    • English Literature

    • Science

    • Social Studies

    • Maths


Laptop Writing

FA Flex Membership Courses

Personal Finance: 

Personal Finance BSS Lab Logo_edited.jpg

Writing with a Purpose

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