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The Full Story


FunCation Academy originally started as an afterschool program, simply known as FunCation.

Amy Scott created FunCation in August 2012 after she volunteered at a summer camp program. She was utterly amazed that 3rd & 4th-grade students did not know the capital of Florida or could not name the first three Presidents of the United States.

In response, she created an after-school program called FunCation. The idea behind FunCation was to make education fun. She created many fun projects, games and used tablets to teach fundamental lessons on Math, Reading, Science, and Social Studies. It was a success!

The student’s grades were improving, and more importantly, they were having a blast learning and discovering a whole new world. With the success of FunCation, Amy wanted to reach more students, and after much consideration, she decided to go virtual!

It was important that with the change of platform, from brick and mortar to online, the essence of FunCation translated seamlessly. Amy discovered some amazing technology such as virtual classrooms and predictive & adaptive, animated, cloud-based, interactive online curriculum.

Armed with this new discovery, she was able to combine the virtual classrooms with the interactive curriculum and add a remarkable rewards program and created FunCation Academy in May 2014.

FunCation Academy has now expanded into the Homeschool Community with our primary focus on providing outstanding academic support, social interactions, resources, and services to homeschool families.

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FunCation Academy’s mission is to MASTER:


Maintain the highest level of excellence. Academically challenge our students.

Support homeschool families.

Teach using cutting-edge technology.

Excite our students.

Respond to the needs of our homeschool community.




Our vision is to provide the best educational experience and resources to meet the academic needs of the homeschooling community.

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