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$44.97 per student

FA Summer Brush-Up is a 90-day gap-filling program. We save parents time and money identifying their student's academic gaps and customizing a curriculum to address the gaps. Students will have unlimited access to our Learning Center for live teaching support if they need additional support. View our curriculum demo video below.

Program Features:

  • 100% Self-Paced

  • Parent-Led

  • 90-day access

  • Access to Math, Reading, and Language Arts

  • Assessments to Identify Gaps

  • Customized K-12 Curriculum 

  • Unlimited Access to our Learning Center for Live Teaching Support

  • Parent Dashboard and Portal

  • Built-in Worksheets and Lesson Plans for Offline Work

  • Access to our Practice Center

  • Supplemental Resources for Additional Practice

    • Turtle Diary​

    • Math Antics

  • Math and ELA Worksheet Databases for Extra Practice