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FAFlexDuo:Intermediate and Advanced Membership


Courses: Personal Finance and Writing with a Purpose. Enroll now in the FAFlex Duo: Intermediate and Advanced Membership Bundle, fostering your student's engagement with interactive, in-depth, hands-on learning. $24.99/month per student Or $216.00/year per student until canceled (Discounts available for current members.) *Coupon codes may be found in the Member Access tile in the FAFlex Courses and Resources tab or by sending us a message on the Contact Us page. Grab your coupon code before purchasing. Once enrolled, you will have the opportunity to enroll additional students through the "How to purchase additional subscriptions" feature. After purchase, you will be automatically added to: -FAFlex Duo: Intermediate & Advanced Membership -Personal Finance: Budgeting-Savings and Spending -Writing with a Purpose: Intermediate Level -Virtual College and Career Counselor *Coming soon! -English Literature -Sciences -Social Studies -FAFlex courses for grades K-5

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2 Plans Available, From $24.99/month

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Personal Finance

Personal Finance

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