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Community Program

At FunCation Academy, we prioritize creating a supportive and inclusive community where students can connect socially and academically. Through virtual study halls, group projects, and engaging social events, students can collaborate and form lasting friendships.

Our tutoring services and peer support networks ensure that every student receives the assistance they need to succeed, regardless of whether they use our curriculums or other types of curricula. We recognize that every student's educational journey is unique, and we are here to support the homeschooling community every step of the way.


Join our community at FunCation Academy and discover a welcoming environment where students can grow, learn, and thrive together.

No matter the curriculum. We are here to help! (4).png

What is included:

- Access to diverse social groups tailored for homeschooling students.

- Participation in our Art, STEM, and Trivia clubs.

- Attend exciting Student Social events designed to foster engagement and fun learning experiences.

- Unlimited access to the learning center's study hall for focused study sessions.

- Two flexible tutoring sessions per month to support academic progress and address individual needs.


online Writing for struggling students (

Writing for Everyone

Teacher Guided

*For students who struggle with writing.

  • Teacher-guided instruction for personalized support

  • Feedback provided on all writing assignments for growth and improvement

  • Opportunities for students to meet with teachers for dedicated writing tutoring

  • Fostering confidence and success in the educational journey

personal finance.jpg

Personal Finance

Foundational and Advanced

  • Practical lessons covering budgeting, saving, and investing

  • Interactive activities to reinforce financial literacy skills

  • Real-world scenarios to apply knowledge in everyday situations

  • Guidance on managing debt and understanding credit

  • Supportive resources for long-term financial planning

  • Engaging content to empower students with essential financial knowledge

project-based curriculum.jpg

FAFlex Electives: Project Based

  • Flexible courses in Science, Social Studies, and Novel Studies

  • Engaging content to foster critical thinking and comprehension

  • Interactive activities to enhance understanding and retention

  • Accessible resources for independent study and exploration

  • Supportive environment for academic growth and achievement

online comprehensive assessment for stud

Comprehensive Assessments: Math, Reading, and Language Arts

  • Covers Math, Reading, & Language Arts

  • Designed to find your students strengths & gaps

  • Detailed results in each subject. 

*Add-ons may be purchased after program enrollment.

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