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How it Works
Ages 14+

Step 01


Request a 14-Day Free Sample & Explore our Dashboard

FunCation Academy offers a unique homeschooling opportunity, and it is best explained by experiencing it!

Our FREE 14-Day Sample allows students and parents to try our comprehensive placement assessments and customized lessons, visit the live Learning Center, join groups, meet friends, and much more!

During the Sample, we highly recommend that our high school students take their time snd complete the assessments. Giving the students the opportunity to address any learning gaps will allow them to decrease their stress and improve their confidence as their lesson rigor increases.

No credit card info is required. 

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Step 03

Dashboard Pic 2.PNG

Customize your FA Dashboard & Upgrade from Sample

FunCation Academy is more than just a curriculum. We provide various support services and supplemental resources designed to enhance your homeschooling journey.

Parents and students can customize their dashboards to add resources and services.

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Step 05


 Writing Assignments

& SAT Prep

Many high schoolers struggle with writing assignments. We have created additional supplementary writing assignments to allow our students to improve their writing skills. Our writing assignments include the basics through how to write a variety of research papers.  All writing assignments are graded by our coaching team and they provide feedback to the students to allow them to edit, revise, and resubmit. 

We also have SAT Prep courses available.

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Step  02

Curriculum Pic.png

Complete Assessments  & Start Lessons

Our award-winning curriculum begins with a comprehensive placement assessment. The student's curriculum is based on their assessment results. 

Parents can monitor their student's progress with the robust parent dashboard. Parents will have access to printable worksheets, lesson plans, and additional instructional videos to help their students if needed.

Our high school lessons include guided study notes and writing assignments that are graded by our Coaching Team. 

We have over 300 courses available for high school students. All of our courses are honors-level courses unless otherwise noted. Click here to view the course catalog.

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Step 04


Set up your OVergrad Account

Our high school parents and students have access to our virtual college counselor. Students can manage their college admission journey seamlessly with Overgrad. 

Overgrad will help students identify career options, identify best-fit colleges, help academically plan their courses to ensure they meet college admission credit requirements, and help find scholarship opportunities.  

View the demo video here.

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Step 06


Visit the Learning Center or participate in student activities & groups

Get plugged in!  We have designed several student activities and have a wide variety of social groups or students to connect with their peers.

In our Learning Center, students and access live teaching support if they get stuck on a lesson or assignment.



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