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A Customizable All-In-One Homeschool Platform

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FunCation Academy

Online Self-Paced with

Live Teaching Support!


About FunCation Academy

FunCation Academy is a unique, customizable, all-in-one academic & social platform designed exclusively for homeschoolers. 


Our online programs include in-depth engaging curriculums and courses, live teaching support when needed, and an interactive social community.


Our affordable programs allow homeschooling families to customize their student's academic journey.


FACore PK-5 Preview


Our Programs

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Essential Program

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FAPrep Lite

Basic Program

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Learning Labs

Entrepreneurship Program

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Exclusive Program

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Writing Program

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Signature Program

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College & Academic Counseling  Program

Core Features


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Our Prep Curriculum

Our K-12 Prep curriculum, licensed from Edmentum, is challenging and effectively prepares students for college and beyond.

It is engaging, interactive, and rigorous and includes a comprehensive assessment used to customize each student's online learning path. 

The curriculum also includes offline worksheets and lesson plans to complement the lessons.

The Parent Portal allows parents to easily track and monitor their student's progress.  Printable reports are available too. 

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Live Teaching Support

Our FAPrep, FAPrep+, and Summer Brush-Up programs offer an exclusive service of live teaching support from educators by profession or degree.

Our education team provides incredible teaching support to our students and parents.  We also give guidance to students who need academic accommodations. We have educators who specialize in helping students with dyslexia, dysgraphia, dyscalculia, ADHD, and varying degrees of autism.

Our Education Team works with students one-on-one in the Learning Center when needed, and they grade all written assignments and provide feedback. 


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Student Activities 

 We provide a variety of student or teacher-themed activities. Our activities allow students to work on fun lessons on relaxed school days. 


Students can also participate in various interest-based groups, where they can share their thoughts and ideas with other like-minded students.  Our groups encourage students to embrace and develop their interests. 

With approximately 85 groups and students in all 50 states and 9 counties, students are sure to find new friends. 

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