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Elective Program

Funcation Academy's Elective Program helps students discover their passions and set themselves up for success.


With over 250 courses available, students can explore and become aware of various career paths. These engaging courses provide a sense of purpose and help prepare students for life by developing essential interpersonal and employability skills.

Certain courses offer career pathways that extend beyond academics. With nearly 100 industry-recognized courses available, students have the opportunity to earn highly sought-after career certifications.

Our Elective Program is ideal for students in our MyPath program or those following a different curriculum who want to expand their career elective course options.

 Discover how our Elective Program can help empower your students.

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What is included:

- Flexible Course Options

  • Middle & High School students will have access to over 250 courses

- Student Dashboard

  • Easy-to-use student dashboard


- Teacher Dashboard

  • Parents can easily monitor their student's progress


- Hands-on Activities

  • Students will have a variety of activities and assignments​

- Lesson Summaries 

  • ​Students can listen to a podcast that summarizes the lesson. Perfect for students interested in the course but not seeking a certification. 

​- Audio Lesson Options

  • All lessons are narrated by a human voice to help students overwhelmed with extensive reading. 


Discover eDynamic Learning! Our curriculum provider for our Elective Program. 

View an Elective  Program Lesson Demo

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