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Youth Conference

FA Community Membership Bundles

FA Base Membership

All memberships include our Base Program, which includes the following:

  • Access to our free student and parent resources


  • Monthly Parent Homeschooling Support Class

  • Monthly Parent Virtual Campus Social Cafe` 

  • Monthly Virtual Campus Student Event 

  • 20-minute Learning Center Pass


1 membership covers the entire family

FABase + Social


Base Program PLUS

  • Unlimited Access to our Virtual Campus

  • Access to FunClubs

  • Special Student Activities

  • Student Social Groups on our Virtual Campus

  • Access to Join our Community Newsletter

  • Social features for 1 student

  • Sibling Discount- $4.99 a month/per sibling

  • You do not need to add siblings for any other FA Community bundle.


FABase + Parent


Base Program PLUS

  • A Monthly 45-minute Academic Consultation Session with the Education Team

  • Unlimited Access to the Education Team Via Email

  • Free Access to Quarterly Workshops.


FABase + Coaching Support


Base Program PLUS

  • 5 Extra Sessions a Month

  • Personalized One-on-One Coaching Help For All Grade Levels

  • Coaches will help with any lesson from any curriculum!

  • Monthly Sessions do not roll over to the next month.

  • Unlimited access to Study Hall with live help on any lesson

Doing Homework

FA Community Full Access


Base Program Plus

  • All Student Activity features

  • All Parent Support Features

  • All Coaching Features.

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