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$22.99 a month


$195 a year

  • 100% Parent-Led 

  • Self-paced

  • Access to Math, Reading, and Language Arts plus 3 additional courses.

    • 300+ additional courses, including Science, History, Foreign Languages, and Electives (additional courses start at 6th grade)

  • Access to Quaver Music, a complete Music Curriculum

  • Assessments to Identify Gaps

  • Online Customized K-12 Curriculum 

  • Built-in Worksheets and Lesson Plans for Offline Work

  • Parent Dashboard and Portal

  • Grading and Feedback Provided 

  • Unlimited Access to the Live Learning Center for Teaching Help

  • Unlimited Access to our live student events & virtual customer service office.

  • A 10% discount on our Writing Course with grading and feedback from our Education Team.

  • Access to our Project-Based Curriculum with 150 in-depth projects.

  • Access to our Practice Center for extra practice

  • Access to Supplemental Resources

    • iCivics

    • ChessKid

  • Math and ELA worksheet databases for extra practice

  • Student Themed Activities

  • Interest-based Social Groups

FAPrep is our signature program with unlimited access to our Learning Center for live teaching support. View our curriculum demo video below.

Program Features:

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