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$250 admission fee

$250 Fall semester fee

$250 Spring semester fee

Financial Assistance is Available

Learning Labs is an entrepreneurship program designed for students ages 13 and older interested in mastering and developing entrepreneurial skills. 


As developing entrepreneurs, our students must learn self-discipline, time management, self-awareness, and decisiveness. We have created an environment and curriculum constantly developing these essential skills.​

The benefit of joining Learning Labs is that students get the rare opportunity to create, launch, and operate their own revenue-producing business using our immersive curriculum with guidance and support from our exceptional business education team.

To ensure our student's success, students work 100% at their own pace and meet weekly in our live virtual classroom for Think Tank. ​Students will also have access to a live virtual classroom for collaboration and support throughout the week. 

Program Features & Info

  • 100% Self-paced

  • Immersive and Hands-on Curriculum (view course details)

    • Five (5) Entrepreneurship Courses​

    • Financial Math

    • Essential Career Skills

    • Business English

    • Accounting

    • International Business

  • Collaborative Working and Learning Environment

    • Students are encouraged to work with their peers on many assignments.

    • A live virtual classroom is open Monday-Thursday 1:00 pm est.- 2:25 pm est. (optional)

    • Mandatory live class for Think Tank on Thursday 1:00 pm est- 1:45 pm est. (required)

  • A Live Think Tank Class

    • Our Think Tank is a structured live class designed for students to brainstorm ideas, flush out ideas, discuss solutions, and receive feedback.​

    • Meets every Thursday from 1:00 pm est. to 1:45 pm est. (required)

  • Students Launch and Operate a Real Viable Business 

  • A Dedicated Homeroom Teacher

    • The HRT will monitor progress and provide support

  • Access to Business Mentors and Educators

  • Free Capital to Launch Business

    • Students can earn their launch capital by receiving badges for completing and passing courses.​

    •  They can earn up to $90.

    • Money is used towards registering businesses with their state, purchasing domains and websites, etc.

  • A Capstone Project

    • Students will present a complete business pitch to the Business Education Team.​

    • Students with great presentations, revenue-producing business, a social media following of 50 or more, and a B average in all courses will become a Capstone Winner and qualify for Alumni Funding.

  • Access to Alumni Connects

    • A system of support similar to what many experiences when graduating from a college or university.​

  • Alumni Funding

    • Alumni Funding provides up to $2,500 in interest-free start-up loans to Capstone-winning students who complete the program.​

  •  Approximately five (5) years to complete. 

    • It is self-paced, so some students might complete it sooner.​

  • Schedule program breaks

    • Fall Break ( week of Thanksgiving)​

    • Winter Break ( week of Christmas and New Year's)

    • Spring Break (week of Easter)

  • Must live in the United States.

  • Must be 13 or older.

  • Must have a working PC/Mac or Chromebook (no tablets or phones)

  • Must have strong and reliable internet. 

  • Parents or students can apply all year round.

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