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Lifetime Membership Sale

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Save money on your student's curriculum with our Lifetime Membership Sale! 

Purchase one FAPrep or FACore 6-12  program and never pay for the curriculum again! 

How it Works:

1. Select your Program: FAPrep or FACore 6-12

2. Complete the Form

3. Complete the Payment

Things you should know:

1. The Lifetime Membership is non-transferable.

If you have more than one student, each student will need their own lifetime membership.

If you share your Lifetime Membership, your student will lose access until payment is received for the other student. 

2. The Lifetime Membership is non-refundable.

3. You can use Affirm to purchase your Lifetime Membership.

4. Only 25 Lifetime Memberships are available per program! 

Compare Program

FACore 6-12


  • Unlimited Access to Courseware Courses

  • Parent Portal

  • Grading with Feedback



  • Unlimited Access to Courseware courses

  • Access to Learning Center for teaching support

  • Parent Portal

  • Grading with feedback

  • Student Interest-Groups

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