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Learning Labs Course Descriptions

All courses are 100% self-paced and will take students approximately 180 days to complete. Students will only be assigned 2 courses at a time and in the order listed below. 

Financial Math: Students will learn about investing, using credit, paying taxes, and shopping for insurance. In addition, the course will help prepare students to tackle the wide variety of financial decisions they will face in life, from setting up their first budget to planning for retirement.

Entrepreneurship 1: Students will begin developing an entrepreneur's mindset. They will identify their entrepreneurship goals and strengths and weaknesses, study and analyze other businesses and build business problem-solving skills. Students will learn basic business principles and ethics and will create three mock businesses. Students conclude this course by identifying what business they would like to create and launch. 

Essential Career Skills: Students will learn essential career skills such as positive work ethics, teamwork, conflict resolution, effective speaking and listening, health and safety, and information technology

Entrepreneurship 2: Students will focus on how people impact a business. Students will learn about their target audience, market research, targeted market research, understanding the needs of their customers, an overview of employment law, the value of employees, identifying employee roles, pricing and how it impacts the customers and employees, and understanding the role of a business owner.

Business English: Students will strengthen their ability to read and write in the workplace. They will learn the business writing process and format by writing emails and instant messages and examining the role of digital media in business. They will also learn how to design and visualize workplace documents and strategies for giving business presentations. 

Entrepreneurship 3: In this course, students will begin developing their product(s). Students will learn how to develop a quality product. They will learn how to design, test, adjust, and retest their product. They will also learn about distribution channels, manufacturing, supply chain, and how to sell and market their product. Please note: service-based businesses product is the service.

Accounting: In this course, students will learn the fundamentals of bookkeeping, financial statements, career opportunities, and the key government regulations in the accounting field. This course also covers the accounting functions of different business types, the specialized accounting tasks, and the essential interpersonal and workplace skills required as a professional in this field.

Entrepreneurship 4: Students will develop and fine-tune their business processes. They will create procedure documents for every aspect of their business and employee handbooks. Students will also officially register their business with their Secretary of State, obtain business licenses if needed, and set up their payment processing, social media accounts, website, and communication system. 

By the end of Entrepreneurship 4, students will officially launch their business.

International Business: Students will learn the impact of globalization and the position of the United States in international business, global trade theories and policies, identify major world economies, determine the levels of economic cooperation between the economies, determine the strategies that are required to enter the international business arena, the importance of human resources in global firms and describe various employability skills required in business.

Entrepreneurship 5: Students will focus on running and operating their businesses. Students will make necessary adjustments, as needed, to ensure their business generates revenue and solidifies its proof of concept. In May, students will present their Capstone project by pitching their business to the Business Education Team and Head of School. After their pitch, the panel will ask the student several questions about their business. Students must demonstrate knowledge of every aspect of their business, including their numbers.

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