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8/14/23 Weekly News and Events

Updated: Nov 30, 2023

Events this week:

8/17/23: FB LIVE Open House

Time: 10:00 AM Eastern

This event will end at 11:30 AM Eastern at the latest.

Last week, we had a few technical difficulties. We have these worked out!

Where: FunCation Academy - Group


Student Activity of the Week: Paper Airplane Challenge

Click the picture to access the activity.


Free Resources: What are they?

Our FunCation Education Team has compiled all the resources they use with students. These resources are mini-lessons, videos, worksheets, and online practice.

Our free math, reading, and Language Arts resources are continually growing.

We also have free parent resources, student-themed projects, and student activities.

This fall, we will be adding free resources for Spanish and French basics.

We recently added the resource "Writing for Everyone ." You may utilize the writing course as a free or paid resource. As a paid resource, students receive support, feedback, and grading from a teacher.

Look for our College and Career Academic Counselor to open this week.


We are calling all parents! Are you interested in starting a parent meetup, book club, or organized activity? A parent member has put "feelers" out to see if other parents will be interested. If you are, please message us on our Contact Us page.


The PHS roll-over discounted offer ends on 8/15/23. If you were a parent who came to us from PHS in April, signed up for the PHS 2-month special offer, and cannot sign up by 8/15/23, please let us know. We will work with you.

The free assessment offer ends on 8/15/23. You must have signed up for a subscription by the end of day 8/15/23. Once the subscription becomes a paid membership, you can request a free assessment.

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