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Are there enrollment periods or certain times or hours students are expected to log in?

Updated: May 21

We support year-round homeschooling, and you can sign up whenever you are ready.

FVA does have enrollment periods, but FAPrep/FAPrep+ are open enrollment all year and your student can transfer to FVA during an open enrollment period.

Our FAPrep/FAPrep+ programs are 100% self-paced and students do not have minimum hours of work that needs to be completed.

FVA students are required to check-in with their ASM once per week in Showbie and complete their weekly schedules. FVA students have a weekly schedule that the ASM’s work hard to provide and monitor. We do expect the schedule to be completed before the schedule for the next week is created, but if something comes up, just communicate with us to let us know.

TMS students (an optional add on for FAPrep students) who have requested individual homeroom sessions are expected to show up for their scheduled meetings with their homeroom teacher and complete their weekly schedule. If Monday’s work doesn’t get completed until Tuesday, that is ok as long as by the end of the week everything is completed.

Communication is key!

Please note, since TMS and FVA are elite options that are labor-intensive and require our staff to create and update schedules, as well as monitor the student, these programs cannot have open enrollment. FAPrep+ would be the best option for any student waiting on these programs to open.


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