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BONUS: FREE Character Analysis Worksheet with Video Resource Recommendations

In this comprehensive character analysis resource package designed for students in grades 3-6, we aim to foster a deeper understanding of literary characters through a combination of engaging YouTube video resources and interactive worksheets. The carefully selected video content, such as "Characters' Thoughts and Feelings" by Khan Academy and "Understanding Characters" by Flocabulary, serves as an entertaining and educational introduction to the key concepts of character analysis. These videos cover character traits, motivations, relationships, and more, providing a dynamic visual aid for students. Paired with the videos are thoughtfully crafted worksheets that allow students to apply their newfound knowledge. From identifying character traits to analyzing motivations and exploring relationships, these worksheets offer practical exercises to reinforce the concepts discussed in the videos. This resource package provides a comprehensive approach to character analysis, encouraging students to engage actively with literary elements and enhance their reading comprehension skills.

Video Resource Recommendations

#1 Understanding Characters by Flocabulary

#2 Characters' Thoughts and Feelings by Khan Academy

#3 Show Not Tell - Character Traits


Give our Character Analysis worksheet packet for grades 3-6 a try!

Worksheet Practice Packet_ Character Analysis for Grades 3-6
Download PDF • 119KB


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