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Create a Tree of Thankfulness

Create Your Tree of Thankfulness

Materials needed:

  • Brown construction paper or cardboard for the tree trunk and branches

  • Colored construction paper for leaves

  • Scissors

  • Glue or tape

  • Marker or pen


1. Create the Tree: Cut out a tree trunk and branches from the brown construction paper or cardboard. Attach them to a wall or a poster board, creating a tree-like structure.

2. Cut Out Leaves: Cut out leaf shapes from the colored construction paper. You can use various autumn colors like red, orange, and yellow.

3. Express Your Thanks: Encourage each family member to write something they are thankful for on a leaf. It could be a person, a thing, a memory, or anything that brings them joy and gratitude.

4. Attach the Leaves: Use tape or glue to attach the leaves to the tree branches. Arrange them in a way that makes the tree come alive with color and thanks.

5. Share and Reflect: Gather around the Tree of Thankfulness and take turns sharing what you've written on your leaves. Reflect on why you're thankful for these things.

Gratitude Leaf Template
Download PDF • 99KB

tree trunk template
Download PDF • 1.11MB

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