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Do I need to assign lessons? What about grading and attendance?

For FAPrep’s Pre College Prep (K-8) students, once the assessments are complete, your student's lessons are automatically customized and generated for your student.

You will not need to assign the lessons. You can, however, assign your student extra lessons, practices, videos or print worksheets to give extra practice if you feel it is needed.

The system does all grading of practices, mastery quizzes, and progress checks. If a student doesn’t master a skill with 80% or more, the system will automatically provide the student with the opportunity to remediate that skill. Once the new skill is mastered, the locked skill will unlock and allow the student to retry.

All writing assignments are graded by our coaching team, who are real teachers. They will offer feedback and suggestions for improvements before giving a final grade.

If you have students enrolled in FAPrep or FAPrep+, you can pull a detailed report in your parent portal to see what days and times your student logged in, how long they worked on each task, and what percentage they earned. The grading will not be in the form of a report card as you’d see in public or private schools, but you will have all the info needed at your fingertips to create a report card with a template or google sheets or docs if you wish. If your student is FVA, you can request the ASM email these reports to you by filling out the request form in the Resource Hub.

FAPrep and FAPrep+ students in the high school program (College Prep) will select their courses, then take the pretest. If they demonstrate they know some of the information in the subject matter, they will not have to complete the work for those specific lessons and will be able to focus on the skills they do not know yet. They will work through various assignments and discussions which you will not need to assign. These lessons are graded by our coaching team and the student is given feedback and the opportunity to make improvements before submitting their final work for a grade. Parents can view progress and course grades in their parent portal.

For FVA students, parents do not have a parent portal. Instead, they will use the Resource Hub to request Detailed Progress Reports and they will monitor progress, schedules, interventions, and projects in Showbie. We take care of all the grading, practice, and intervention on our end.