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FREE Reading Resources for Students with Dyslexia and Reading Exceptionalities

*Part of this week's series on literacy in the United States.

By Julia Simmons - Director of Operations at FunCation Academy

The link between literacy and reading exceptionalities, such as dyslexia, is profound and underscores the critical importance of targeted interventions. Literacy, at its core, involves the ability to comprehend, decode, and express thoughts through reading and writing. Individuals with dyslexia often face challenges in the fundamental skills associated with literacy, such as decoding words and recognizing patterns. Understanding this link allows educators and support systems to implement specialized strategies and resources that cater to the unique needs of learners with dyslexia, fostering a more inclusive and effective approach to literacy education. By acknowledging and addressing these exceptionalities, we pave the way for a more equitable and empowering educational experience for all students.

I wanted to share some valuable resources that have proven effective in supporting students with dyslexia and other reading exceptionalities, particularly focusing on daily phonics practice, weekly vocabulary building, and enhancing fluency through rhyming poems. These resources aim to provide a well-rounded approach to improve reading skills and foster a love for language.

Daily Phonics Recommendations:

  1. Progressive Phonics FREE Workbooks and Worksheets: Progressive Phonics offers a comprehensive set of free workbooks and worksheets that follow a systematic phonics approach, making it accessible and engaging for students with dyslexia.

  2. Fun Fonix FREE Workbooks and Worksheets: Fun Fonix provides free workbooks and worksheets designed to reinforce phonics skills in an enjoyable way, making learning more interactive for students with reading exceptionalities.

  3. Bridging the Gap with Phonics for Middle Grades and Higher Workbook: Available for purchase through Carson-Dellosa or obtain a FREE copy by setting up a meeting with Ms. Simmons. This workbook is designed to bridge phonics learning for older students with reading challenges.

Weekly Vocabulary Lists:

  1. "Words Every Student Should Know": offers curated lists of essential words for students, providing a dynamic platform to enhance vocabulary skills.

  2. Flocabulary FREE Printable Vocabulary Word Lists: Flocabulary provides free printable vocabulary word lists that engage students through music and multimedia, catering to diverse learning styles.

Weekly Fluency with Rhyming Poems:

  1. Ken Nesbitt FREE Poems for Kids: Ken Nesbitt offers a collection of free, entertaining poems for kids that not only enhance fluency but also make reading enjoyable.

  2. Shel Silverstein Poetry Books: Shel Silverstein's poetry books are a timeless resource for captivating rhymes that can capture the imagination of students with reading exceptionalities.

These resources aim to provide a diverse and engaging approach to support students with dyslexia and reading exceptionalities. Incorporating a combination of daily phonics practice, weekly vocabulary building, and fluency enhancement through rhyming poems can contribute significantly to their reading success.

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