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FREE Worksheets: Reinforcing Financial Literacy: Enhancing Money Skills with Worksheet Practice

The accompanying worksheets for the Cash Dash and Dino Day Out money skills lessons serve as powerful tools for reinforcing and applying the concepts learned in these engaging programs. Designed to complement the interactive and dynamic learning experiences provided by Cash Dash and Dino Day Out, these worksheets offer students an opportunity to practice counting money, making change, and honing their financial literacy skills in a tangible and hands-on manner. With thoughtfully crafted exercises that align with the curriculum, these worksheets aim to solidify the understanding of money concepts, ensuring a well-rounded and practical mastery of financial skills for students as they embark on their educational journey.

Did you miss the FREE lesson on counting money? Click the button below to watch the lesson.

Cash Dash worksheet
Download PDF • 2.20MB

Dino Day Out worksheet 1
Download PDF • 249KB

Dino Day Out worksheet 2
Download PDF • 486KB

Cash Dash Answer Key
Download PDF • 4.02MB

Dino Day Out 1 answer key
Download PDF • 248KB

Dino Day out 2 answer key
Download PDF • 486KB

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