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FREE Writing Lesson: Fractured Fairy Tales

What is a fairy tale?

A fairy tale is a short story that typically features magic, enchantments, and mythical beings. We often learn from the mistakes that the characters make.

What is a fractured fairy tale?

A fractured fairy tale takes a classic fairy tale or children's story and adds a twist, changes the characters, or changes to a more modern setting.

How to fracture a fairy tale:


  1. Choose your favorite fairy tale or children's story.

  2. Think about what you would change. Characters, point of view, setting, conflict, plot (You may change more than 1 element.)

  3. Rewrite the story. Take your time. Do not rush and write your entire story in one day. Spread out it into manageable steps.

  4. Make sure you include dialogue. *See video below on what dialogue is.

  5. Have a friend or family member proofread your story for grammar and structure errors.

  6. Revise and edit your story based on the feedback from your friend or family member.

  7. Write the final draft of your story.

  8. For a fun twist, you may write your story as a comic strip using the storyboard template below.

What is Dialogue?

Storyboard template for a comic strip

Download PDF • 13KB

Example of a fractured fairy tale

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