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FunCation Academy: A Homeschooling Oasis of Excellence, Support, and Excitement

This week's blog series focuses on FunCation Academy and who we are. Each post, Tuesday-Friday, will give examples of the curriculum and features of our programs.

Welcome to the forefront of innovative homeschooling with FunCation Academy, where we believe that education should be as unique as each student. In this blog post, we're thrilled to introduce you to FunCation. Learn who we are and what we offer.

Who We Are:

At FunCation Academy, we are a dedicated team of educators, curriculum developers, and support specialists who share a passion for homeschooling. Our collective expertise spans diverse subjects, teaching methods, and educational philosophies, allowing us to create a learning environment tailored to the unique needs of each student. As fellow homeschoolers, we are committed to making your homeschooling journey enriching and successful.

Our Mission – MASTER:

Maintain the Highest Level of Excellence: We strive for excellence in everything we do, ensuring that our programs and support meet the highest standards of quality.

Academically Challenge Our Students: We believe in providing challenging and stimulating academic experiences to foster growth and intellectual development.

Support Homeschool Parents: Recognizing the vital role of homeschooling parents, we are dedicated to providing the support and resources necessary for a successful homeschooling experience.

Teach Using Cutting-Edge Technology: FunCation Academy embraces the latest educational technology to enhance the learning experience and keep our programs innovative and engaging.

Excite Our Students: We aim to create a learning environment that sparks excitement and curiosity, making education an enjoyable and memorable journey for every student.

Respond to the needs of our homeschool community: We are committed to staying responsive to the evolving needs of our homeschooling community, ensuring that our programs remain relevant and effective.

Our Programs:

We are a private academy for homeschool educators and students. All programs come with academic support, tutoring, and our robust social platform. Students may access our online 3D virtual campus and learning center to receive LIVE help and support.

1. Self-paced, Parent-led Programs, Professional Curriculums:

  • Exact Path: Nationally recognized professional curriculum by Edmentum for grades K-12, focusing on mastery-based learning in math, reading, and language arts. Students may work at different levels to fill in gaps and soar ahead in strengths.

  • Courseware: Nationally recognized professional curriculum by Edmentum for grades 6-12 offering 300+ traditional, credit-earning courses. 

  • Easily transferable into public school systems or transcripts for life beyond high school.

2. Self-paced, Parent-led, FunCation Teacher Monitored Program:

  • FAFlex: A unique blend of expertly curated curriculums offering hands-on, interactive, and project-based courses. FAFlex includes access to Exact Path, Storyboard That for animated project creation, Personal Finance Labs for budgeting and investing games, and weekly optional live classes on our virtual campus.

  • Easily transferable into public school systems or transcripts for life beyond high school.

3. Community Membership:

  • Homeschooled families looking to retain their current curriculums (not offered through FunCation) can benefit from our community membership, which offers support and social benefits. Join our vibrant homeschooling community and enjoy the perks of FunCation without changing your curriculum.  We can support any curriculum, subject, and grade!

FunCation Academy is more than just an educational institution; it's a supportive community dedicated to making homeschooling a fulfilling and exciting journey for both instructors and students. Join us in mastering the art of homeschooling, where excellence, support, and excitement converge to create a truly exceptional educational experience.


Stay tuned to our blog series this week for an in-depth look at each curriculum program.

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