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Giving to Charitable Organizations

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Tuesday, 11/28/23, is "Giving Tuesday."

In this lesson, students will learn about choosing a charitable organization.

Big Idea

Donating to a charity provides funding for important causes, but it’s a good idea to research an organization before you give.

Essential Questions

  • What are some ways people can give to charities?

  • What kind of giving is right for me?


  • Reflect on causes you may want to support

  • Identify and research local charitable organizations

What students will do

  • Conduct online research to identify local charitable organizations.

  • Write a persuasive letter to a friend or family member about the charitable organization they identified.

Exploring key financial concepts

Many people choose to donate to groups that provide services for their community. You can donate property, like a car, gently used household items, or money. You can also donate your time and talent by volunteering for an organization. Some people choose organizations based on their personal beliefs or priorities. For example, a dog lover may choose to volunteer their time or their talent to an animal rescue. A sports fan may give money to a group that provides equipment for children who can’t afford it. No matter how a person chooses to give, it’s important to do some research before selecting an organization to donate to. It’s a good idea to know how much of your donation goes to the cause the organization supports or know whether the group has a good reputation. Doing some homework on an organization can help you avoid a scam—a trick used to cheat you out of your money—and make sure your donation is being used for the cause you want to support.

Key Vocabulary

Charitable organization or charity: A private, nonprofit organization operated exclusively for religious, health and welfare, scientific, testing for public safety, literary, educational, or other specified purposes.

Scam: A dishonest trick used to cheat somebody out of something important, like money. Scams can happen in person, through social media, or by phone, email, postal mail, or text.

You will conduct research to find a local charitable organization and then write a letter to a friend or family member about the organization.

Use the worksheet below as a guide.

Writing about Giving
Download PDF • 146KB

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