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How do I know which program is the best one for my student?

Updated: Jun 3

First, start with a free 10-day sample.

Have your student complete the assessment and try the lessons. We will call you to discuss their results, answer all of your questions about our programs, and help you make an informed decision.

FAPrep is our traditional online option for K-12 learners with two curriculum options based on their academic level. Parent will manage their student's workload and monitor their progress and can utilize our live classrooms, coaching team, and Resource Hub to help their students when needed.

FAPrep+ is very similar to FAPrep, but our ASM's will monitor any work you have your student complete to ensure they are understanding the topics. If they need help, we will reach out to them and offer intervention services to the student. The parent still has all the control of what the student learns and how often, but we will support them when more help is needed. The FAPrep+gives the student access to our classroom management system, Showbie, classroom discussion, practice centers and projects. The projects on FAPrep+ become a parent guided extracurricular activity instead of part of the curriculum. This great option for students younger than 11 years old, students who are not sure if they will thrive with project-based learning and wish to try a project first, or for those who want FVA but are waiting for a spot in the program due to FVA being wait-listed.

Each of our FAPrep programs offer two levels for students;

Pre-College Prep is for any K-8th grade student or any student working below the 6th-grade level. College Prep is for high school students who assess at or above the 6th-grade level and are ready for the high school workload.

FVA is our Student-Flex™ program that blends online Math, Reading, and Language Arts with project-based learning for all other subjects and electives. Students must be at least 11 years old to enroll in FVA. FVA is a unique program that takes a non-traditional approach to college and beyond.

Students in FVA should be self-motivated learners who do not shy away from a challenge and enjoy investigative style learning with little parental oversight. FVA parents will not manage their student's curriculum or schedule but can request reports and monitor all conversations, projects, and schedule interactions between students, peers, and ASMs. The FVA student's ASM will provide the student with a weekly schedule, monitor their progress, offer intervention, and oversee and give guidance on projects.

Please note, currently, there are enrollment periods for FVA but if you wish to enroll now you can enroll your student into FAPrep+. We will announce via email on our Facebook groups when FVA enrollments will commence and what is needed at that time to enroll. This makes a seamless transition since FAPrep+ is the same curriculum as FVA, sans weekly schedule requirements.

If you are still unsure or have questions, please give us a call at 813-922-2744.

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