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How do we sign up?

Updated: May 21

We highly encourage completing a free 10-day sample of our curriculum before signing up to ensure a smooth transition and the chance to speak with us before selecting a program.

The sample begins with a detailed assessment that will help identify the correct grade and skill level for your student. Your student's curriculum is customized based on their assessment results.

Once the assessment is completed, we will call you to review their results. We will also discuss which best program options for your homeschool goals and student’s learning style.

Once you know which package best fits your student(s), simply go to our website and select the "Enroll Today" button. Next, continue with your payment preference and your curriculum package. Finally, submit the application for enrollment and payment.

After enrollment, kindly give us 24 business hours to process your application. We set up all accounts manually.

We will transfer all of the work completed during the sample period, including assessment results to your membership, and then send you an email with login information and information for our Getting Started process.

If you should need help with getting started or signing up, please give us a call at 813-922-2744.