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Is your school accredited? What about transcripts/Diplomas?

Updated: Jun 18

We are not a school, but rather, an educational resource company for the homeschooling community who provides a curriculum and support services.

Curricula cannot earn accreditation since only schools qualify. Therefore we cannot earn or apply for accreditation, but accreditation is not needed nor required for college admissions.

In fact, many brick and mortar schools are not accredited.

Our online curriculum, Edmentum™, was developed in 1960 and is recognized by the College Board® as one of the few online curricula adequate and rigorous enough to prepare students for college based on ACT and SAT scores.

FVA also uses Edmentum™ courses in conjunction with project-based learning to form our Student-Flex™ program. Many of our FVA projects were created around the scope and sequences and syllabus for our online courses. Our program is a solid program that was designed to prepare students for college and beyond.

If your student is college-bound, it is recommended to check the admission requirements on the college's website or speak with the admission counselors to the prospective colleges to create goals that work towards their specific admission requirements.

Because with homeschooling, your home is the school, we also cannot provide transcripts or diplomas since those documents can only be awarded from the school.

In our FVA program, we will offer an unofficial transcript to help you with how projects translate to credits. This unofficail transcript will help you create your own, official, transcript.

For FAPrep and FAPrep+ students, since you are in control of how you use the curriculum and if you use other outside material or classes, you will get access to our College Overgrad program to help you track courses, credit, GPA, College admissions, SAT/ACT scheduling and locations, Financial Aid, and more. This is included in the College Prep packages.