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Let's Play a Game..."Character Explorer Adventure": FREE Hands-on Character Analysis Activity


  • "Character Explorer Adventure" is a fun and interactive activity designed for kids to practice character analysis in a creative and imaginative way. This activity is suitable for individual or group settings, making it versatile for co-op classrooms, micro-schools, or homeschools

Materials Needed:

  • Large sheets of paper or poster boards

  • Markers, colored pencils, or crayons

  • Printed character profiles *See the Character Profile and Character Traits handout below.

  • Craft materials (optional)

Character Selection:

  • Provide each child with a character profile featuring a fictional character. 

Creative Portrayal:

  • Ask the kids to create a visual representation of the character on their large sheet of paper or poster board. Encourage them to include details about the character's appearance, clothing, and facial expressions

Setting the Scene:

  • Have the kids draw or create the setting where the character resides. This could be the character's room, a park, a magical land, or any relevant environment. Emphasize the details that might give insights into the character's life.

Character Dialogue Bubbles:

  • Ask the kids to add dialogue bubbles around their characters, featuring statements or quotes that the character might say. This helps in understanding the character's personality and communication style.

Character Traits List:

  • Provide a list of character traits (e.g., kind, adventurous, shy) and ask the kids to choose and highlight the traits that they think best describe their assigned character. *See the Character Trait handout below.

Share and Discuss:

  • Have your students present their character. After presenting, have a discussion about the character. Ask questions like:

    • What do you think motivates this character?

    • How does the character interact with others?

    • What challenges might the character face?

Group Activity (Optional):

  • If done in a group setting, consider having a collaborative storytelling session where kids integrate their characters into a shared adventure. This encourages teamwork and imaginative thinking.


  • Conclude the activity with a short reflection where kids discuss what they learned about character analysis and share any surprises or discoveries they made during the activity.

Learning Objectives:

  • Develop observation and interpretation skills.

  • Practice expressing ideas visually and verbally.

  • Encourage creative thinking and imagination.

  • Foster collaboration and discussion in a group setting.

"Character Explorer Adventure" engages kids in a hands-on and creative way, making character analysis enjoyable and accessible for all learners.

Character profile sheets and Character Traits handout.

Character profiles and Character Traits Handout
Download PDF • 130KB


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"Watching Sarah's progress in understanding characters has been amazing. At first, she found it hard to grasp the details of fictional characters. The 'Character Explorer Adventure' activity changed how she sees characters. Drawing and actively exploring the story world helped Sarah connect with the characters emotionally. This hands-on experience sparked her interest, making her appreciate the complexity of characters more deeply. It's impressive to see how this activity, combining creativity and analysis, helped Sarah break through and understand characters better." -(B. Thompson)



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