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Let's Play...Noun Bingo!

Noun Types Bingo Challenge

The "Noun Types Bingo Challenge" reinforces grammar concepts while sparking imaginative thinking. A fun and engaging way to enhance language skills and embrace the diverse world of nouns!🧠

Objective: The goal of the game is to create and match nouns with specific types on the Bingo card.

Materials Needed:

  1. Noun Types Bingo cards. (Bingo cards are attached below.)

  2. Markers or chips for players.

  3. Timer.

  4. List of nouns from the call list.


  1. Start of the Round:

  • The game host announces the start of a round and randomly calls out a noun from the call sheet.

  1. Mark the Square:

  • If the player has a noun type of the announced noun on their Bingo card, they mark the square.

  1. Announce and Verify:

  • The first player to complete a row, column, or diagonal shouts, "Bingo!"

  • The game host verifies that the marked noun types match the announced nouns.

  1. Winning the Round:

  • The player with the correct marked noun types wins the round.

  1. Reset for Next Round:

  • Clear markers from the Bingo cards or pass out new cards and prepare for the next round.

  1. Multiple Winners:

  • If multiple players shout "Bingo" simultaneously, they share the victory for that round.

Winning the Game:

  • The player or team with the most wins after a predetermined number of rounds is the overall winner.

Educational Twist:

  • Discuss each announced noun type and provide examples.

  • Encourage players to be creative and come up with unique nouns for each type.

"Noun Types Bingo Challenge" not only reinforces the understanding of noun types but also encourages creativity and quick thinking as players choose types to match the announced nouns.


Identify the noun bingo
Download PDF • 311KB

BINGO Call Sheet

Identify the noun BINGO Call Sheet
Download PDF • 219KB

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