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LIVE Classes and Events: Week of 11/6/23

Updated: Nov 30, 2023


  • The Learning Center will be closed on Tuesday, 11/7/23, for Election Day.

  • Sign-ups for our LIVE Virtual Talent Show open on 11/10/23.


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LIVE Events this week:

*Parents are welcome to sit in on all LIVE student events.

Wednesday, 11/8/23


Time: Grades K-5: 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM Eastern

Time: Grades 6-12: 2:30 PM-3:30 PM Eastern

Where: Virtual Campus: Club Room

Wind Sound Sculptures

Students will create a sculpture that uses wind to make sound.

Possible Materials

  • Wood scraps

  • PVC Pipes

  • Plastic Spoons

  • Plastic Cups

  • Plastic bottles (soda bottles, milk jugs, etc.)

  • Aluminum cans

  • Ping Pong Balls

  • Paper, cardboard, pool noodles

  • String or yarn

  • Straws

  • Elastic bands

  • Duct Tape

Prep Work

  1. Design your sculpture.

  2. How will your sculpture make sounds?

  3. What materials will you need to gather?


  1. Your sculpture may not be taller than 5 feet.

  2. You must use no less than 3 different materials

  3. Your sculpture may stand upright or hang from a tree or pole.


Thursday, 11/9/23: LIVE Storytime Club

Time: 12:00-12:40 PM Eastern

Where: FunCation Virtual Campus: Group Room A

Book: Knots on a Counting Rope

Synopsis: A blind Native American boy named Boy-Strength-of-Blue-Horses begs Grandfather to tell the stories of the night he was born and of a great race. In this poignant story, the counting rope is a metaphor for the passage of time and for a boy’s emerging confidence facing his greatest challenge: blindness.


Thursday, 11/9/23: FB Live Stream: Observing Native American Heritage Month

Time: 1:00 PM Eastern

Where: Facebook: FunCation Academy-Group

What: Discuss different ways to observe Native American Heritage Month.


Thursday, 11/9/23: LIVE Student Book Club

Time: 2:00 PM Eastern

Where: FunCation Virtual Campus: Group Room A

What: We will be wrapping up our discussion of The Giver.

Don't forget to vote for the next Book Club book.


LIVE Student Interest Group Meetings this week:

Thursday, 11/9/23: Gymnastics: 1:00-1:45 PM Eastern

Thursday, 11/9/23: Role Play Group: 3:00-3:45 PM Eastern

Thursday, 11/9/23: Survival Minecraft Roleplay: 4:00-4:45 PM Eastern


Student Activity of the Week: Thankful Poem

Click the picture to access the activity.

Students with submissions will be entered into a drawing for a $25.00 Amazon gift card each quarter.

Each submission = 1 entry

Next Drawing: 1/3/24 (2nd quarter of 2023-2024 school year: October, November, and December)


Future LIVE Events and Classes for next week (11/13/23)

LIVE FAFlex Open House: 11/13/23 @ 5:00 PM Eastern

LIVE Parents-as-Teachers Cafe Social: 11/14/23 @ 2:00 PM Eastern

LIVE Student Interest Group: Harry Potter: 11/14/23 @ 3:00 PM Eastern

LIVE Trivia Club: 11/15/23 @ 1:00 and 2:30 PM Eastern

LIVE FB Stream: 11/16/23 @ 1:00 PM Eastern

LIVE Student Interest Group: Roblox @ 2:30 PM Eastern

LIVE Student Interest Group: Christian Group @ 2:45 PM Eastern

LIVE Student Interest Group: Anime @ 3:00 PM Eastern

LIVE Student Interest Group: The Author's Corner @ 3:00 PM Eastern

LIVE Student Interest Group: Survival Minecraft Roleplay @ 4:00 PM Eastern

LIVE Fall Parent Workshop: Planning for Life Beyond High School: 11/17/23 @ 1:00 PM Eastern

LIVE Student Newsletter: 11/17/23 @ 1:00 PM Eastern


Registration for the LIVE Fall Parent Workshop Series is now open!

  • Workshop 1: Academic Planning for High School: September 29, 2023 CLOSED

  • Workshop 2: Transcript Preparation: October 27, 2023 CLOSED

  • Workshop 3: Life Beyond High School: November 17, 2023

  • Workshop 4: Scholarships and FAFSA: December 15, 2023

  • Workshops begin promptly at 1:00 PM Eastern and end no later than 3:00 PM Eastern.

  • All workshops are LIVE on our virtual campus.

  • FA Community Members with Full Access and FA Community Members with Base Access plus Parent Support receive 1 free workshop. Please reach out to billing for instructions.

  • *Recordings will be accessible if you are unable to attend live.


  • $35.00 per Workshop OR

  • $100.00 for the Full Workshop Series


Sneak Peek LIVE Events and Resources:

Click the button to see our activities and events calendar:

Coming in November:

  • The Virtual Campus will be closed on 11/7/23 for Election Day.

  • Sign-ups for the LIVE student virtual talent show open on 11/10/23.

  • FAFlex OPEN HOUSE 11/13/23 from 5:00-7:00 PM Eastern.

  • Fall Break: 11/20/23-11/24/23: The virtual campus will be closed during the week of our fall break.

Coming in December:

  • LIVE student virtual talent show: 12/15/23

  • Winter Break: 12/20/23-1/3/24

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