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LIVE Classes, LIVE Events, & News: Week of 1/15/24


  • Exact Path is Back!

  • Assessment-driven learning paths and powerful teaching tools for K–12 in math, reading, and language arts.

  • Comprehensive Assessments in math, reading, and Language Arts

  • Unique learning path for each student based on assessment

  • Exact Path is a professional Curriculum.


NEW FAFlex Duo courses are now open!

  • General Physical Science for grades 6-12

  • Civics for grades 6-12

  • English Literature for grades 6-12 (Novels added weekly!)

  • English Literature for Kids! (Books added weekly!)

  • Earth and Space Science for Kids!

  • Civics for Kids!

  • Economics for Kids!

  • More courses open next week!


  • The learning center is closed on 1/15/24.

  • Our virtual campus office will be open during normal business hours.



Friday, 1/19/24: LIVE Student Newsletter Meeting

Time: 1:00-2:00 PM Eastern

Where: FunCation Virtual Campus: Group Room A

What: Last meeting before Winter Break!


LIVE Student Interest Group Meetings this week:

Tuesday, 1/16/24: Harry Potter @ 2:00 PM Eastern

Thursday, 1/18/24: Roblox @ 2:30 PM Eastern

Thursday, 1/18/24: Christian Students @ 2:45 PM Eastern

Thursday, 12/14/23: The Author's Corner @ 3:00 PM Eastern

Thursday, 1/18/24: Among Us @ 3:00 PM Eastern

Thursday, 12/14/23: Survival Minecraft @ 4:00 PM Eastern


Student Activity of the Week: Making Mini Banjos

Click the picture to access the activity.

Students with submissions will be entered into a drawing for a $25.00 Amazon gift card each quarter.

Each submission = 1 entry

Next Drawing: 4/8/24 (3rd quarter of 2023-2024 school year: January, February, March)

*A new weekly activity is posted every Monday in the Member Access program tile (on our website) and on the virtual campus in the Friends Zone.


FAFlex LIVE Lab Classes

Monday, 1/15/24: Orientation for grades 6-12 @ 12:00 PM Eastern

Monday, 1/15/24: Orientation for grades K-5 @ 1:00 PM Eastern

Monday, 1/15/24: Writing Lab for grades 6-12 @ 1:00 PM Eastern

  • Writing a Multi-Paragraph Essay

*Science, History, and English Literature Labs will start in February 2024.


Check out our event calendar for future events.


Sneak Peek LIVE Events and Resources:

Coming in January:

  • FAFlex Duo courses are added weekly!

  • The Learning Center is closed on 1/15/24.

  • The Learning Center will be open by appointment only on 1/24/24.

  • The Learning Center will be closed on 1/25/24.

Coming in February:

  • The Learning Center will be closed on 2/8/24 and 2/19/24.

  • FAFlex Science, History, and English Literature Labs will begin in February 2024.

  • LIVE Academic Success classes will start back up.

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