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Play Your Paycheck: Unleashing Financial Wisdom with the Top Payroll Tax Games!

This week's blog series addresses employment, income, and taxes. We will introduce lessons, games, and resources to help students gain a better understanding of these financial literacy concepts.

Understanding payroll taxes can be a complex topic, but payroll games can provide a simplified and interactive way for students to grasp the concepts. Here's a list of games that can help students understand payroll taxes:

Finance in the Classroom - Paycheck City: Navigating Your Financial Landscape


Welcome to Paycheck City, a dynamic and educational resource offered by Finance in the Classroom. This online tool transforms the often complex world of personal finance into an engaging experience, allowing users to explore the intricate details of their paychecks and gain valuable insights into their financial well-being.

Click the picture to access Paycheck City.

IRS Tax Simulations - A Hands-On Journey into Tax Education


Embark on a dynamic and interactive learning experience with the IRS Tax Simulations, a suite of educational tools designed to demystify the world of taxes and empower students with practical insights into the U.S. tax system. Developed by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), these simulations offer an engaging platform for students to navigate through real-world tax scenarios, enhancing their understanding of tax concepts in a virtual environment.

Click the picture to access the tax simulation.

iCivics People’s Pie - A Civic Adventure in Budgeting and Government Spending


Embark on an exciting journey into the heart of government finance with iCivics People’s Pie. Developed by iCivics, an organization founded by former U.S. Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O'Connor, this interactive simulation game offers an immersive experience where players get to explore the intricacies of budgeting and government spending in the United States.

Click the picture to access iCivics People's Pie.

Personal Finance Labs Budget Game - Mastering Money Management


Embark on a virtual financial journey with the Personal Finance Labs Budget Game, an innovative and interactive simulation designed to equip players with essential skills in money management and budgeting. Developed by experts in personal finance education, this game provides a hands-on experience that mirrors real-life financial decision-making. The Budget game is available in FAFlex Personal Finance.

Watch an excerpt from the FAFlex Personal Finance Budget Game.


Are you looking for a robust Personal Finance curriculum for your student? Give FAFlex a try.

FAFlex includes Personal Finance powered by Personal Finance Labs and taught by the FunCation team.

Students may participate in LIVE lab classes for budgeting and investing, receive support from our teaching team, and gain real-world experience with the budgeting and investing games.

Available FAFlex Personal Finance Courses:

  • Budgeting and Spending

  • Investing

  • Credit Cards and Debt

  • Employment and Income

  • Financial Risks and Insurance

Personal Finance courses coming summer of 2024:

  • Investing 101 (Advanced)

  • Economics

  • Accounting, Management, and Marketing

  • Mathematics and Spreadsheets (Mini-course)

  • Canadian Personal Finance (Mini-course)

  • International Investing (Mini-course)

  • Options and Derivatives

FAFlex Pricing:

$24.00/month per student


$195/year per student


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