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STEM Club Challenge: Build Your Own Kinetic Sound Sculpture

STEM Club Challenge: Build your own Kinetic Sound Sculpture

A Kinetic Sound Sculpture uses wind to create movement and sound in a sculpture.

What is an Aeolian harp?

"The aeolian harp (also æolian harp or wind harp) is a musical instrument that is "played" by the wind, which initiates harmonic resonances to create the harp's often eerie sound. Also known as the harmonic harp and spirit harp, the aeolian harp originated in ancient Greece. The instrument was also found in the cultures of India and China. German Jesuit scholar and renowned Egyptologist Athanasius Kircher (1601–1680) is credited with having constructed the first modern Aeolian harp in 1650.

The Aeolian harp takes its name from the Greek god of the wind, Aeolus, since its other-worldly sounds are initiated by the movement of the wind over its strings." (

What is a wind chime?

"Wind chimes are outdoor decorations that double as musical instruments played by the wind. Most wind chimes feature tubes of varying lengths suspended in a circle from a platform by strings or wires.

When the wind blows, the tubes bump into an object in the center, called a clapper, and against one another. As they do so, the collisions produce vibrations that travel the length of the tubes, producing soundwaves at particular pitches depending upon the tube length and material they're made from.

Many wind chimes are made from metals, such as aluminum and copper, and wood. Many other materials can also be used to make wind chimes with unique sounds, including glass, bamboo, seashells, and pieces of pottery.

In general, the larger and longer the tubes are, the lower and deeper the sounds will be. Short, narrow tubes will tend to produce higher pitches. Aluminum wind chimes tend to provide the longest and loudest sounds." (

Watch the videos below for inspiration.

Possible Materials

  • Wood scraps

  • PVC Pipes

  • Plastic Spoons

  • Plastic Cups

  • Plastic bottles (soda bottles, milk jugs, etc.)

  • Aluminum cans

  • Ping Pong Balls

  • Paper, cardboard, pool noodles

  • String or yarn

  • Straws

  • Elastic bands

  • Duct Tape

  • Any materials you have around the house.

Prep Work

  1. Design your sculpture.

  2. How will your sculpture make sounds?

  3. What materials will you need to gather?


  1. Your sculpture may not be taller than 5 feet.

  2. You must use no less than 3 different materials

  3. Your sculpture may stand upright or hang from another object.

  4. Your sculpture must use wind to create movement and sound.

What is Allowed?

You may make a Kinetic Wind Sculpture of your choice:

Wind Harp (movement and sound come from the strings)

Wind Chime (movement and sound come from the hanging pieces)

Wind Bell (movement and sound come from one hanging bell piece)

A unique design of your own

You may use any material of your choosing.

Turn in your work below. Make sure to include pictures and either a video or a sound bite of your sculpture.

Entries are due on 11/27/23.

1 submission = 1 entry into the quarterly gift card drawing

Aeolus Wind Sculpture

Wind Harp

Bell Sound Sculpture

Junk Drawer Wind Chimes

5 Minute Aeolian Harp (made out of cardboard)

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