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What is TMS?

Updated: Jun 3

TMS stands for Teacher Monitored Support.

TMS is an add on option for FAPrep students third- grade and older who need more structure or someone to hold them accountable other than the parent.

TMS is perfect for students with learning challenges, high school students preparing for college, working parents, or parents managing multiple learners who just want to take something off their plate.

TMS offers two packages. The Basic Package is $22.99 a month per student is in addition to the curriculum. It gives the student a homeroom teacher who provides them a weekly schedule, weekly progress monitoring, and intervention for a failed Progress Check.

The Deluxe Package is $32.99 a month per student and provides all the features of the Basic Package plus weekly check-ins, four one-on-one coaching sessions when needed, special schedule accommodations, and daily progress monitoring with in-depth intervention.

TMS can be added after enrollment inside of the Parent Resource Hub. FVA students do not need TMS since that program is already managed by FunCation Coaches and ASMs.

Please note, TMS is an elite add on option that is in high demand and labor-intensive for our staff. Because of this, TMS is not open enrollment, and parents are to place their student's name on a waiting list until a spot opens for the student. The pricing is in addition to the regular curriculum fee. Most families do not need this level of support and will find that FAPrep+ is sufficient if they need extra support by our staff and coaching team.


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