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Who are your Tribal neighbors?

How to teach kids about whose land they live on

Do you ever talk to your children about whose land you live on? All of us who live in the Americas are living on indigenous lands. But for most of us who are not Native, it’s not something we think much about.

Teaching students whose ancestral land they live on is a beautiful way to teach United States history and honor Native American Heritage.

Place-based education provides students the opportunity to understand where they live and who their neighbors are today, as well as who was there in the past. This approach is important in connecting with Indigenous peoples today. Begin with the questions below.

The following questions can be posed for research and discussion:

  • How long have humans lived here?

  • Do you think anyone lived here before your family?

  • On whose ancestral lands do you live?

Challenge your students to research the lands closest to your home and community. They can use this Native Land Map as a starting point.

Have students answer the question: Who are your Tribal neighbors today?

Extend the discussion with the questions in the poster below.

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