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$75 per student

per year

Homeschooling a high student can be challenging. Our FA Virtual Counseling is designed to help parents and students prepare for college and beyond. 

Program Features & Info

  • Course Planning

  • Access to an academic counselor

    • One-on-one meetings ​

    • Available to answer questions

    • Provide guidance and suggestions on college or beyond planning

    • Support

  • Career Survey

    • A 60-question survey​

    • Over 60,000 career suggestions

    • The system will identify the best career matches based on the student's survey results. 

  • ​College Selection Tool​

    • The system will help students find colleges that best match their career choices.​

  • GPA Tracker

  • ACT & SAT Information and Self-Paced Prep Classes

  • Transcript Assistance
    • Complete a simple questionnaire, and we will create your transcript. ( The school listed will be your school, not FunCation Academy).​
  • Scholarships Information & Database
  • Common App Information & Assistance
  • Student-Athletes Information
  • ​Student-Military Information

  • Student Beyond College Information

    • Entrepreneurship

    • Workforce

    • Trade School

    • Internships & Apprenticeships

    • Gap-Year Programs

    • Community College

    • Service Organizations​​

  • Designed for students 13 and older

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