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Middle School Program

FunCation Academy's middle school program is an engaging and dynamic educational experience tailored to each student's unique needs. Through a comprehensive curriculum, students explore core subjects such as math and reading while also delving deeper into the complexities of history, science, and composition.


Our interactive online platform integrates My Path modules for personalized learning, complemented by project-based assignments that encourage critical thinking and problem-solving skills development. With dedicated Learning Coaches and a supportive learning environment, students have the opportunity to excel academically and grow personally as they navigate this crucial stage of their education. Join us at FunCation Academy, where middle schoolers embark on a journey of discovery and academic excellence!

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What is included:

- My Path by Imagine Learning

  • Adaptive mastery-based curriculum.

- Comprehensive assessments

  • Math, Reading, and Language Arts.

- Tailored learning paths

  • Based on assessments.

- Targeted instruction

  • Addresses individual needs.

- Real-time data and insights 

  • ​Provided to parents.

​- Supports student growth

  • Academic success.

- Sharpen critical thinking and research skills

  • Through our project-based Science, Social Studies FAFlex curriculum.

- Strengthen writing skills

  • Writing with a Purpose FAFlex curriculum.

- Empowering student's financial future

  • Game-based personal finance courses

- Academic support

  • Available through unlimited access to Study Hall.

- 2 flexible tutoring sessions

  • Each month. 

- Unlimited access to community features

  • Includes online social events, groups, and clubs.

My Path Reading Middle School Evaluating an Argument (Lesson Clip)

My Path Middle School Math Coordinate Planes (Lesson Clip)


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Teacher Monitoring and Intervention for My Path

  • Dedicated teachers committed to student success

  • Close monitoring of student progress

  • Tailored intervention assignments for challenges

  • Supportive environment to overcome obstacles

  • Personalized approach for each student

  • Confidence-building for academic success

Writing for everyone for struggling stud

Writing for Everyone

Teacher Guided

*For students who struggle with writing.

  • Teacher-guided instruction for personalized support

  • Feedback provided on all writing assignments for growth and improvement

  • Opportunities for students to meet with teachers for dedicated writing tutoring

  • Fostering confidence and success in the educational journey

*Add-ons may be purchased after program enrollment.

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