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Who We Are

Welcome to FunCation Academy, a unique educational haven founded by homeschool educators for homeschooling instructors and students. As fellow homeschoolers, we personally understand the complexities of the homeschooling journey. We are passionate about providing personalized curriculums and support to make your experience truly exceptional.

FunCation Academy’s team of educators, curriculum developers, and support specialists are committed to empowering homeschooling instructors. Our expertise spans diverse subjects, teaching methods, and educational philosophies to ensure that each student can thrive in a learning environment tailored just for them.


Our Programs

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FAFlex Curriculum Memberships

Join us in redefining education through a flexible, dynamic, all-in-one online and hands-on curriculum with FAFlex.

  • All-in-one K-12 curriculum:

    • Customized Core Curriculum with Exact Path's Math, Reading, and Language Arts including printable worksheets and guided notes.

    • Personal Finance with Budgeting and Investing Games.​ (6-12 only)

    • Writing with a Purpose with detailed teacher feedback.

    • English Literature with Novel Studies with unique hands-on learning activities.

    • Civics, Sciences, and Histories with unique hands-on learning activities.

    • LIVE Teaching Support

    • Student social events and activities.  

  • Optional LIVE-lab classes for all courses .


$24.99 monthly per student


$216 annually per student

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Exact Path Curriculum Memberships

Exact Path is your gateway to personalized learning excellence for students in grades K-12 in math, reading, and Language Arts. 

  • Assessment-driven learning paths

  • Supports strengths and gaps

  • 100% self-paced

  • K-5 Video-based

  • K-12 Printable Worksheets & Guided Notes

  • Assign Extra Practice & Lessons When Needed

  • Nationally recognized professional curriculum

  • Monitor and track student progress

  • Live academic coaching support

  • Student social events and activities


$9.99 monthly per student


$85.00 annually per student

Virtual Campus

Do you have questions about FunCation and our programs? We've got answers! We can help you in our live Virtual Campus.

Pop in!

Virtual Campus

Campus Hours:

10:30 am - 3:30 pm Eastern

Monday - Thursday

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