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Edmentum Courseware Curriculum Membership - Teacher Grading


Online curriculum for grades 6-12. -Edmentum Courseware offers 300+ credit-earning courses in grades 6-12. -Students may earn both core and elective credits -Nationally recognized professional curricula -Easily remove and add material to make accommodations -Writing opportunities in every course -Traditional course organization (semesters, units, chapters) -Lesson tutorials are text-based, with interactive activities embedded inside -Comprehensive reports available Courseware with Teacher Grading includes: -Teacher feedback and grading for all submitted discussions and activities -Unlimited access to the Learning Center for on-demand academic support -2 Flexible tutoring sessions each month -Access to all student events, clubs, socials, and student interest groups -Access to LIVE Academic Success classes Pricing: Monthly: $40/month with an $85 one-time set-up fee (per student) (Includes a 10-day free trial.) OR Annually: $395/year (per student) (Includes a 10-day free trial.)

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